Dominic Thiem is known in Tennis circles by his nickname “Dominator”, and he lives by his name in every aspect of the game. Born in Lichtenworth, Austria on 3rd September 1993, Dominic Thiem is a professional tennis player who is only 22 years of age but has impressed many fans by his playing style.

His height is 6 feet 1 inches and is Austrian by nationality. His net worth is valued at $1.2 million, and you can find many of his interviews on and off the court at various tennis websites. He has over 22 thousand followers on Twitter, and over 56 thousand followers on Instagram. Let's look at his bio below. 

Thiem is coached by Gunter Bresnik, and it was in 2012 that he turned pro. So far he has won over $3 million in prize money, and that shows some considerable amount of success that he has had in his career. He has achieved 6 ATP Tour titles in his career so far, and his highest ranking so far was on 7th March 2016 when he achieved #13 in the singles category. 

Most of the time, Thiem plays aggressively and is quite good at defending also. He forehand shots are heavy, and he unleashes backhands that are single-handed yet powerful. It is interesting to note that in the ATP circuit, he is one of the few younger players who use backhands single-handedly.

His backhand, if used effectively has unsettled even great players like Roger Federer. Despite all this ability and prowess as a player, Thiem has an image of a gentleman on and off the court. So far we do not know of any controversy surrounding him, and he maintains his image as a humble person. 

There are a few things not everyone will know about Thiem. Since his childhood, he grew up in a family that loved tennis, since both his father and mother are tennis coaches of professional level. Another member of his family with interest in tennis is his younger brother Moritz, who plays in the junior pro-circuits. His girlfriend Romana is also very supportive of Thiem's passion for tennis.

She works for a wine glass company and does her best to support her boyfriend either by flying to view his matches personally, or by waking up early so that she doesn't miss his matches.

Thiem started to play tennis at the age of 6, and he had a good environment to hone his skills. Thiem's idols as he grew up playing tennis were Jurgen Melzer and Stefan Koubek, both Austrian legends in their own might. If his career goes as many of his fans imagine, someday he may set records of his own.

 Born and grown in Austria, surprisingly Thiem likes japanese cuisine a lot, especially sushi. Despite being a tennis superstar, Thiem signed up for the mandatory military service in Austria and served his nation from November 2014 to April 2015. He didn't miss any tournament then. 

He loves to stay in touch with his fans through facebook, where information regarding match results as well as his own observation on how the match went is done by himself. His posts are in both English and German, and this was we can be sure that it is his own feelings rather than that of a hired social media regulator.


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