Destiny Garcia is a Brooklyn girl who told to the detectives that she killed her mother as well as her step-father because she was abused by her mother whose beau did nothing for stopping it. The New York Times has reported that she has been charged with the murder as an adult. Previously, it was reported that she told to the police the boyfriend of her mother had sexually abused her but the detectives said that she was only abused by her mom. The bodies of her mother and her beau, Rosie Sanchez and Anderson Nunez were found on the night of Sunday in Sheepehead Bay public housing complex where the three used to live.

The police had stated that they were killed on 27th December of the year 2015. They were found dead after the concerned friend told the police that they had not been seen in days. The investigators are still looking for the another teen who is believed to be the cousin or a close family friend who may have been involved in slayings. The police said that they do not believe the killings were in the self-defense. The police sources said that the girl acquired the gun from her unidentified friend and then confronted her mom after school shooting her in head.

After killing her mother and her step-father, she went to stay with her biological father saying him that she had been in arguement with her mother. According to the, after that, Destiny went to the shopping and then partied on the New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Their neighbors had said that Destiny and her mom had been having the issues recently. They also stated that it looked like they were having problems. Despite that, her mother and her step-father were described as a happy couple. Besides that, to get more info related to her bio, age and other activities, she can be followed in Twitter and Instagram. 

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