A stand-up magician Derek Hughes was born as well as raised up in Minnesota, United States. He went to get his education from the University of Minnesota from where he earned a degree in the acting. It was after that when he pursued his career in magic.

He specializes in the live deception acts which he frequently performs at Magic Castle located in Hollywood. Prior to his presence on the stage, Derek has also emerged on the TV screens across the nation with his appearances in the VH’1s reality series known as Celebracadabra as the celebrity magic coach as well as on the Comedy Central’s Gong Show.

In addition to that, Hughes has also created the original acts of the wizardy for the MTV’s Room 401 as well as Michaelarbonaro’s hilarious role as Magic Clerk on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Besides his career as a magician, Hughes had also used his acting abilities in the Hollywood movies such as Grown Ups in which he portrayed the character of Logan, Mr. Deeds as well as indie movie called Audie and the World.

 Most recently, he has also acted in INSOMNIA! Which is loosely inspired by short stories of Jorge Luis Borges? In addition to that, Derek has also made his appearance on America’s Got Talent on its season 10 which airs on the NBC.

Moving on to his personal life biography, Derek is now at the age of 43. He is the only magician ever invited for performing at the HBO’s prestigious Comedy Arts Festival to filling in for legendary Mac King at the Harrah’s in Las Vegas. He is the unique voice in art of conjuring.

There is no any information found about his height but he may stand over five feet and five inches. It is also not known whether he is married nor has any girlfriend. Besides that, to get more details about his personal and professional life, he can also be connected via Instagram and Twitter account.


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