Denise Slader is a woman who has been caught on the video insulting and then attacking the group of Muslims who were praying in a park near the San Francisco. The video was shortly posted by Rasheed Albeshari on Sunday after the incident took place at the Lake Chabot.

He had said that the woman named Denise Slader who is the state employee hit him with the umbrella and then threw her cup of coffee in his face after screaming insults at them. In the video, Denise can be seen telling Muslims “the people you tortured are going to be in eternity in the heaven. You are deceived by the Satan. Your mind has been already taken over brainwash. Nothing bu hate”.

Moving on to her personal life biography, Slader has now reached at the age of 50. She works as the program technician for California Department of Corrections and the Rehabilitation. Denise has also worked there for 10 years. At present, she is residing in Castro Valley. She was approached by the park police whom told her that she was being inappropriate. Before the video begins, Denise shouted at the men saying “Your God is Satan”, “Allah is Satan” and the Quran is evil.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the incident was investigated by East Bay Regional Park District whose officer could be seen in video. The case has been passed on to Alameda County District Attorney’s Office which will decide if any of the charges will be filed. Albeshari told that the three friends were finishing their prayers when Denise confronted them.

He also told to the Arab American News that she called them as murderers. As Slader has maintained her personal life secret, there is no more details found about her bio, family background as well as other activities. Besides that, she can also be followed in her Instagram and Twitter account. 


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