David Alan Gest is a well known American producer and a television personality. He was born in the year 1953, 11th May, currently 62 years of age. He has a history of producing the highest rated musical television special which was “Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Celebration: The Solo Years” in the year 2001 which was the last recorded reunion of Michael Jackson and the Jacksons in the 17 years of his solo concerts. Gest also appeared in the 2006 series of British reality television show “I’m celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!” and became the first American ever to have three prime time series in the UK. His marriage with Liza Minnelli made headlines in the local news.

He was born in Los Angeles and he was brought up in the State of Southern California where he counted Michael Jackson and his brothers as their best friends in the childhood. He lives in Memphis in the Tennessee and York in England currently.

He admitted the fact that he had two plastic surgeries from the same surgeons who did it to Michael Jackson in the year 1980. He also admits that he regrets doing so but there was no one to stop him then.

He and Liza Minnelli got married on 16th March in the year 2002 but they separated after less than a year and a half in the month of July in the year 2003. In the year 2003, he sued his ex wife for $10 million accusing that she had been violent and physically abusive at the time of their marriage and also said that all the blame was on her alcohol consuming habits. But Minnelli denied all of his accusations with an excuse that he was doing it all for money. The lawsuit got dismissed in the year 2006, in the month of September due to lack of evidence. Rumors say that Gest is a gay but he has been denying this. 

He finished in the fourth place for the reality show “I’m celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!” which used to get aired on ITV and it turned out to be so popular that he became the only American to be able to get three prime time television series after the show was completed. His song with another contestant made Gest a national tevision star. He was voted off the show a day before the finals.

A controversy arouses two days after completion of the show regarding the votes and it was claimed that 35,000 votes were not counted in the favor of Gest.

In the  year 2007, he appeared as the judge in a show for a single night replacing Michael Ball who was coaching the singers.

Later in the same month, it was announced that he had signed a year’s deal with the ITV to appear on his own reality series named “This Is David Gest”. The show first got aired on 22nd August, 2007. He also was one of the four judges in the entertainment series named “Grease Is the Word”. He is one of the contestants of the Celebrity Big Brother. He tweets very often in his twitter account.



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