A former golfer who played on the PGA and European Tour, David Feherty's professional career lasted from 1976 to 1997. He is Irish-American by nationality and 57 years of age. Let's find more about him from the short bio compiled from various websites below.

Having made a career in golf, Feherty now is a sportscaster for CBS and the Golf Channel. He spent most of his golfing career in Europe, and in his entire career he has won five European Tour championships and five other championships. Some of the tours that have his best performances are Masters Tournament (1992), US Open (1992), The Open Championship (1994), and PGA Championship (1991).

He has also co-authored five books, namely: Somewhere in Ireland, A Village Is Missing an Idiot (2013), A Nasty Bit of Rough (2013), An Idiot for All Seasons (2013), David Feherty's Totally Subjective History of the Ryder Cup (2004), The Power of Positive Idiocy: A Collection of Rants and Raves (2011). You can choose to buy his books online through amazon or other online buying platforms.

Born on 13th of August 1958 in Bangor, Northern Ireland, Feherty is 5 feet 10 inches in height. He lives in Dallas, Texas with Anita, his 2nd wife, and his five children, one of which is from his affair to Anita. Feherty has two sons from a previous marriage to Caroline Feherty, a model from South Africa, and they divorced in 1995. One of his friends then fixed up a blind date with Anita, and that's how they met. Their first date lasted for only about 30 minutes, as Feherty got so drunk.

Before Anita agreed on a second date, she put a condition that Feherty should be sober. He agreed, and that's how their relationship moved forward. He then married Anita in 1996. Well, as it turned out, Feherty was doing well in his golfing career until he wandered off course and his career hit rock bottom. One of the reasons his marriage went sour might be that he was never there to spend time with his wife and sons. After three years of divorce from Caroline, he finally won the custody of his two sons that she bore him.

He has over seven thousand followers on Instagram and over 400 thousand followers on Twitter. You may follow him on these social sites as well as on his page on the PGA Tour site and European Tour site. At the beginning of this year, Feherty announced that he was ready to end his hibernation and appear in a new role for NBC. His net worth is said to be about $3 million. It is now clear that he decided to leave CBS since they were not willing to give him the salary he was demanding.

His struggle and victory against alcoholism, divorce, rise and fall of career, and depression are what make his life story so inspiring. He has stated in an interview with Golf Magazine that he used alcohol as a means to escape his stress. Lopez-Feherty Foundation Anti-Pro-Am was hosted in 2005 by Feherty along with George Lopez, an American actor/comedian and talk show host.

He premiered his talk show named Feherty on 21st June 2011, which is broadcast on the Golf Channel.



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