An American novelist, TV producer as well as a screenwriter David Benioff is also the co-creator and the show runner of widely acclaimed Award Winning HBO series known as Game of Thrones. He was born on 25th September of the year 1970 which made him now at the age of 44. He has got a very perfect body and he looks very handsome and dashing. He is the native of New York City, New York, United States. As he was born in the month of September, his birth sign is Libra.

To talk about his personal life biography, the handsome hunk David is already taken. He is married to his wife named Amanda Peet who is an actress. The couple exchanged their vows with each other on 30thSeptember of the year 2006 in New York City and since then, they are living their life happily together.

David and Amanda also have three children together. Their first child, a daughter was born in 2007 and she is named as Frances Pen. Their second child, a daughter is named as Molly June and she was born in 2010. Their youngest child, a son named Henry was welcomed in the year 2014. There is no any information found about whether he was dating anyone or had any girlfriend before getting married. Recently his wife Amanda has threatened him to divorce.

David Benioff belongs to a Jewish family and he is of American nationality. His parents are named as Barbara and Stephen Friedman. His father is a former head of the Goldman Sachs. While he was an adult, he changed the last name to Benioff which is the maiden name of his mother. She changed it for avoiding the confusing with the other writers with the same name David Friedman. He was born the youngest out of the three children to his parents. His family belongs to German, Jewish as well as Russian Jewish descent.

David went to get his education from the Collegiate School as well as a Dartmouth College. During his time at the Dartmouth, he was also the member of the Phi Delta Alpha Fraternity as well as the Sphinx Senior Society. When he reached at the age of 22, he began working as club bouncer. He then also served as a high school English teacher at the Poly Prep located in the Brooklyn, New York City. After that, he got enrolled at University of California Irvine as well as Trinity College Dublin from where he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative writing program.

While he was still working as high school teacher, he wrote a book titled as The 25th Hour and later, he adapted it into the screenplay which and it starred Edward Norton and it was directed by Spike Lee. After that, he wrote the collection of the short stories entitled as When the Nines Roll Over on 19th August the year 2004. Later, his third book was published on 15th may of the year 2008 and it is titled as City of Thieves. His other screenplays include Troy, Stay, The Kite Runner, X-Men Origins, Brothers, Game of Thrones and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Besides that, more info can also be updated from his instagram, Facebook and Twitter account.



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