Dave Rienzi is American bodybuilder who has grabbed major positions in heavyweight championships. Dave Rienzi was the personal trainer of "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson and helped him in body building for his movies.

These people shared a very pleasant friendship. Apart from being a body builder and trainer Dave Rienzi is also a businessman.

Dave Rienzi and Dwayne's ex-wife Dany Garcia are married and having a blissful family life. Dany Garcia is also a bodybuilder as well as a producer who is very much popular with her documentaries like P.O.V. and Racing Dreams.

Dave Rienzi married Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's ex-wife Dany Garcia who is also a bodybuilder

Dave Rienzi's short and extreme workout skills are very much known so is his wife Dany Garcia's bodybuilding career. This pair got married on 29 March 2014. It was seven years after Dany got divorced with Dwayne. Dany remarried at the age of 47. Dwayne and Dany together have a daughter Simone Alexandra who was born on 14 August 2001.

Wife Dany Garcia describes her husband Dave Rienzi not to be as famous as her ex-husband Dwayne The Rock but more muscular. Furthermore, she explains her husband to be very loving, caring and kind hearted.

Since his couple got married their fans haven’t encountered news related to their split.  Even if something comes up seeing this pair getting so well with each other will make us believe that the gossip is baseless.

Dave Rienzi's body building and weight lifting career

Dave Rienzi flickered in the spotlight when people came to know that he was the trainer of Dwayne for his movies. Later he became the talk of the town when he married Dwayne's ex-wife Dany Gracia. However, we can get limited information of Dave in sites like wiki and other popular sites. 

Talking about his career there are tons of championships programs listed in his bio where he has been able to grab the fourth position in the 2011 NPC Southern US Championships. Currently, he has his own body-building training center in Sunrise, Florida, the United States of America. He also held the third position in IGBB North Americans.

Dany at present is having a partnership with Dwayne Johnson and they are together running a production house. It seems like even though they married the same lady they are having a good relation with each other.


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