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Danielle Lloyd is overly sexy and beautiful who is one of the hottest female as glamour model from England and she is born in 16 December 1983 and has been the most liked woman of all time. She is also a former Miss England and also Miss Great Britain, she I famous through at London, England and has been of the best model of all time in. she first rised up as when she was stripped for Miss Great Britain and since then after she appeared with some nude picture in the playboy magazine and alleged affair with one of the judge and then a footballer named Teddy Sheringham being her boyfriend, he faced lot of unfamiliar questions and later it was reinstated in 2010 but in before that she also won the celebrity edition of the Weakest link in 2008 and then total wipeout in 2010 but any way she later married Jamie O Hara one of the best footballer and now has 3 children.

  • Height:

    168 cm

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She is (bio) originally from Liverpool located in England and has 3 boy’s as her child and in has in a height of 5 feet and has a blonde hair color with great attractiveness and sexyness. She is one of the most talked about models of all time with her first start as her beauty and nature of her looks is way attractive and what ever she wears every thing looks great to her and one of the best magazine sold was of her photo too. She started modeling after she trained for the beautician specialized in massage and then went to pursue what she always wanted and always liked to do and she did achieved a lot in her life. she divorced from her husband in 2014 but never the les her career is still at its peak and has ton’s of followers in twitter, instagram.  

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