Dan Trachtenberg is famous across the globe as a filmmaker and a host of a podcast who is an American by nationality. He is the director of the movie named 10 Cloverfield Lane which got released in the year 2016. Regarding his career in hosting and filmmaking, he has hosted The Totally Rad Show and he also was a former co-host of the show named Geekdrome; both of these programs were hosted by him on the Revision3 network.

He also is a director of the short movie which was produced in the year 2011, which goes by the name of Portal: No Escape. Not only movies and hosting the shows in the television network, he has made some announcements related to public service and television advertisements. His bio and info include the following details.

When talking about advertisements, he has directed the advertisements for brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Lexus. He directed a short movie named Kickin’ in the year 2003. Five years later he joined a production group named Tight Films and for that purpose, he collaborated with Matt Wolf on a reality game for Hellboy II: Golden Army. The creation of the show named ctrl+Alt+Chicken goes to him as well.

He went on releasing short movies and continuing the trend, he made a movie named More Than You Can Chew in the year 2011 which starred Skye Marshall and J. Kristopher. He even co-wrote the story along with Mark D. Walker.

He was highly influenced by the video game named Portal and then he decided to make a movie regarding the game. So, he created a movie named Portal which was released in the month of August in the year 2011. This movie of his earned over 17 million views.

He is associated with a number of production companies; in the year 2013, he broke the news that he would be directing the film adaptation of Y: The Last Man but later the making of the movie was canceled due to some reasons.

In the year 2014, a media announced that he would be directing a movie named Valencia for the Bad Robot Productions but later it was discovered that Valencia was a code name for 10 Cloverfield Lane.

On 15th of January in the year 2016, the new trailer for the same movie was released and the producer for the movie said that the idea for the movie came over when they wanted to make it a related to Cloverfield which developed over time and they even wanted to hold back the title for a longer time period. Though he seems to earn a fortune from his directing activities, his exact amount of his net worth is unavailable at the moment.

He has been married to Priscilla Hernandez who is his wife at present. He is a director and to keep up with the technology, he has a Twitter and Instagram account; he has over 39 thousand followers on his Twitter account.

He is 35 years of age as he said in an interview with a media person for a magazine.



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