Damaris Lennon Phillips known as Damaris Phillips is an American chef. She is all over the world famous as a season 9 winner of ‘Food Network Star’. She also hosted the cooking-themed show ‘Southern at Heart’ with Damaris Phillips on the same network.


Personal and Family Life

Damaris Phillips was born on December 8, 1980, in Lexington, Kentucky, US. She truly believes that her mom Mary from West Virginia and dad Maurice from Georgia inspires and influence her cooking and taste in food. Her growing up with four other siblings in Louisville, Kentucky also makes her lively and down-to-earth character. She time and again admits that her brought with a Southern food is her real identity and her goal is to to make people know about the southern cuisine.

Phillips attended Jefferson Community and Technical College from where she obtained a degree in Culinary Arts. It sounds no less than a miracle from journey out of nothing but total confusion of ‘what to do in life’ to become a culinary instructor, she definitely had put on great efforts and hard work to achieve all the success.

Phillips is married to longtime boyfriend Darrick Wood. The wedding bell rang on June 13, 2015, at Willow Park in Louisville, Kentucky in presence of 235 guests. The moment when her mom and close friends walked her down the aisle, carrying Waving streamers and parasols seemed nothing less than a fairy tale. Her husband Wood is an education consultant and the couple is living an ecstatic life with no signs of separation.

Career and Professional Life

Damaris Phillips professional career started soon after she graduated from the college, she discovered her true passion for food then after. She went to become popular and a known face to wider audiences after participating the season 9 of Food Network reality series ‘Food Network Star’. After making it to the top three final contestants, she shot a pilot for a series called Eat, Date, Love. On August 11, 2013, she came out to be the prominent winner of the season. The secret behind her accomplishment was her true intention to celebrate the traditions by making it healthful as well as delicious.

On October 27, 2013, her cooking based reality show ‘Southern at Heart’ premiered on Food Network which collected her great fame and success. Her popularity can be imagined from her 816,000 viewers who watched the episode aired on April 19, 2015. She shares her best and yummy food recipes in the show. She also frequently appeared as a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games.

Net Worth and Salary

Damaris Phillips annual salary is yet to be calculated. But her net worth is estimated to be $400 thousand. The major contribution to her thousand dollar net worth is her Food Network show ‘Southern at Heart’. The never ending opportunity that winner receives after claiming the title, she might also have encashed it to her net worth.



Social Media

Damaris Phillips is pretty active on social networking sites with 51.2k Instagram fans and 24.8k Twitter followers. Her Instagram account is full of different ingredients and it does make sense after all she is a well-known professional chef. And how can one miss her adorable pics that she has posted in her account. She frequently uses her Twitter account to update her fans with latest news and updates. She even used her Facebook account to announce the last episode of ‘Southern at Heart’ aired on February 28, 2016. 



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