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Dak Prescott is a very heavy build up NFL player which is the American football, Prescott is the NFL or say American football player born 29th July 1993, Prescott played from the college football for the university of Lousiana and later he drafted by the Mississippi state for their play. Prescott is a very highly skilled player and loves the game so much that he hard training, Prescott is often ranked as one of the best and most respected quarterback player in the game. Prescott has also been selected as one of the toughest player of all time and also one of the strongest player. Prescott is also one of the player who also completed  as a senior a 159 of 258 passes for a well long 2860 yard and also well over 39 touches as he also rushed for 951 yard on 90 attempts with over 17 touchdowns.

  • Height:

    188 cm

  • Date of Birth:


  • Married To:

    Not yet

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Prescott (bio) is originally from Sulphur located in Louisiana and he is presently 21 years old (age) and soon going to turn 22 years old. Prescott has a tall height of 6 feet 2 inch which is a well height of 188 cm and  is one of the best counted players of all time with a young fresh start. Prescott started his early career life through college team and build his way up to present stats and has earned many trophy and his name is still well known and also has done remarkable jobs, Prescott is presently with his toughf nature, Prescott is also called in  the famouh channel espn for his interview in their channel and many more.

Prescott is also in the rivals website that is, Prescott is a hard player and his stats is improving  and NFL (nfl) I providing him with great opportunity and he is also all over highlight with his style of playing but unfortunately last year his mother died due to cancer so he has only his father as his parents left.

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