Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican singer, rapper, songwriter, and actor. Daddy Yankee was one of the Latin artists who was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award. He has been named as a King of Reggaeton by the New York Times. He is the first Latin artist who has made a deal with Reebok shoes. He has received many awards in his lifetime with his hit albums and songs.



Personal Life

Daddy Yankee real name is Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez. He was born on 3 February 1977 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He was raised in the neighborhood of Villa Kennedy Housing Projects. In his youth, he very much wanted to be a baseball player and even tried out for the Seattle Mariners of the Major League Baseball.

Daddy Yankee is a married man since 1994. He tied marriage knot with wife Mireddys Gonzalez and has three children with her. He has not shared much stuff about his personal life. Once in an interview, he confessed that his relationship with his wife is going strong and he does not want any outer influence.

He wants to treasure his personal life and his bond with his partner is a friend above everything. Daddy Yankee also shared that when he had his first daughter when he was just seventeen years old. He was excited as well as confused at the same time and it was a hard time rising up his first baby.


Professional Life

As Daddy Yankee wanted to be in the field of sports he first tried out for the Seattle Mariners of the Major League Baseball. Before he could actually begin his official sports career he got shot by an AK-47. It happened when he was in a short break for a recording session with DJ Playero.

It took him more than a year to get recover from the wound of the shot. The hit was on his hip which never removed. He then entirely focused on his music career. Daddy Yankee began his musical career with DJ Playero in 1992 releasing a mix tape 'Player 34' with a song including "So' Persigueme, No Te Detengas".

He also made some songs related to the tragic incident he faced in and after the shot, '6 De Enero' was then released in 2012. Daddy Yankee first officially began his solo project with 'No Mercy' on 2 April 1995. He was very much inspired by Vico C during his early career beginning.

Considered to be a pioneer of Reggaeton music, Daddy Yankee first followed artists like DJ Playero, DJ Drako, and DJ Nelson and took some elements from them and created his own style. Later in the year 1997, he made collaboration with Nas, a rapper, for the album Boricua Guerrerro, in the song 'The Profecy'.

There were two other compilation albums El Cartel and El Cartel II in 1997 and 2001 respectively which were very much popular in Puerto Rica. He also released nine different music videos like Tu Cuerpo En La Cama featuring Nicky Jam, Posicion featuring Alberto Stylee, and Muevete Y Perrea.

Daddy Yankee came across his first international success with El Many songs included in the album were hit in the markets of Miami and New York City. The songs covered the issues related to 9/11, religion and corruption.

After his several hits in 2002 and 2003, Daddy Yankee released several songs and later he released in Barrio Fino, in 2004. The album received several awards including Lo Nuestro Awards, Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album. It also was in nomination for the MTV Video Music Awards.

The album 'Barrio Fino' was worldwide hit and was followed by international tours in several states. Above five hundred thousand copies of the album was throughout the globe. While he is on fire, he then did single featuring N.O.R.E with 'Oye Mi Canto' which climbed on the Billboard Hot 100 in number 12.

His album 'Barrio Fino' again received the Lo Nuestro Awards having the title of 'Album of the Year'. The other song on the album titled 'Gasolina' was also a great hit. On 28 April 2005, the same album again received 'Reggaeton Album of the Year'.

Reaching throughout the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia, it was certified gold in Japan. He also appeared in the ad including Pepsi. The song 'Gasolina' received eight nominations and was able to get seven awards out of it. It also got the MTV Video Music Awards and Latin Grammy.

New Billboard chart and radio format, Latin Rhythm Airplay, was created in the United States as 'Gasolina' was commercially successful. On 30 April 2006 Daddy Yankee was on the list of 100 Most Influential People by Time.

On 5 June 2007 El Cartel: The Big Boss was released, which was produced in 2006 which included the artist like, Tainy Tunes, Scott Storch, and Neil. The first song of the album was 'Impacto' and the album was promoted all over America and Latin America.

He performed in several places where thousands of people attended the concert. His concert of Bolivia was attended by 50 thousand fans which were later said as the biggest attended best show in the history. In 2008 Daddy Yankee appeared on the Rockstar Games' video game Grand Theft Auto IV as DJ of Radio San Juan Sounds.

The same year he was said to produce a cover of a Thalia's song titled 'Ten Paciencia'. Soundtrack album Talento De Barrio was out on 17 August 2008. The album was awarded Multi-Platinum in April 2009 by RIAA. He also got Silver torch, Gold torch, and Silver Seagull recognitions after his performance several songs at the Vina de Mar International Song Festival Chile.

Daddy Yankee also received the 'Spirit of Hope Award ' in the Latin Billboard Music Awards ceremony. The album 'Mundial' was released in 2009 and the song Grito Mundial was chosen to be the FIFA World Cup 2010 theme however he rejected it. 'Mundial' includes songs like El Ritmo No Perdona, Descontrol, and La Despedida.

His next famous album 'Prestige' was released on 11 September 2012. The song Ven Conmingo featuring Prince Royce peaked on the Billboard Latin Charts at number 9. The next song Lovumba hit on number one on the Billboard Latin Charts and in the Latin Songs Chart. The other songs like Pasarela and Limbo were also a massive hot.

Daddy Yankee later in October 2013 released a mix tape 'King Daddy' which was produced by Los De La Nazza. It became one of the highest demanded mix tape. As the popularity of the album was heightened Daddy Yankee performed a one-month long tour in different cities of Europe, North and South America.

One of his songs 'Ora Por Mi' which was said to be the song of his life, it was filmed on the various spot in Puerto Rico, and San Juan. Later on 4 September 2014, Daddy Yankee brought out his totally English song with rapper Ducan 'This Is Not a Love Song'. 

On 28 April 2016, Daddy Yankee got the 'Industry Leader Award' in the 2016 Latin Billboard Awards. The following year he released his hit 'Despacito' with Latin singer Luis Fonsi. Since then it has become the first Spanish language to hit number one on Billboard Hot 100 since Macarena in 1996.


Social Media

Daddy Yankee is followed by millions of people on his social media. He has shared several of his single pictures and also with a different artist he worked with. He has posted photos of his recent release 'Yo Control Ti'.

There are 17.1 million followers on Daddy Yankee's Instagram, 10.7 million on his Twitter page, 28 million on Facebook, and 3 million on his YouTube account. He also has his myspace account and his official site, Daddy Yankee.

We can see a huge tattoo on Daddy Yankee hands and bodies which can be clearly seen when he goes shirtless. 



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