Craig Ashley David is an English songwriter who came in the spotlight in the year 199 where he featured himself in the first album “Re-Rewind” by Arthur Dodger. His first ever debut album was named as “Born To Do It”; this album got released in the year 2000 and shortly after that, he released numerous albums working with different artists which include Tinchy Stryder, Kano, Rita Ora, and others. He also has 17 UK Top 50 singles which has been sold over 13 million records worldwide as a solo artist. His bio includes the following details.

He was nominated for the twelfth Brit Awards: here he was nominated three times for the Best British Male and twice for the Grammy in the category of Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. He is 5 ft. and 10 inches in height 

He was born in the Southampton, Hampshire. His father’s name was George David who was a carpenter and his mother’s name was Tina who was a real estate agent. He was brought up in Holyrood estate. His father is known to be an Afro-Grenadian and his mother is known to be an Anglo-Jewish, who was related to founders of Accurist watch making company. His maternal grandfather was an Orthodox Jew while his grandmother was a convert to Judaism. His parents separated when he was eight years of age; he was raised by his mother. He went ot Bellemoor School and Southampton City College.

His father used to play bass in reggae band whose name was Ebony Rockers. When in his teenage, he started to accompany his father to the local dance clubs where the DJs there used to let him use the microphone.

He came to the spotlight when he worked on the B-side to British group Damage’s cover of Wonderful tonight. He then started doing vocals for few tracks with Artful Dodger.

Wildstar records came to know about David when Paul Widger, his manager met the label’s co-owner whose name was Colin Lester and played some of his music. Lester told HitQuarters that he was impressed by the song named “Walking away” saying that he was outstanding one and it was amazing that a 17 years old boy could be capable of doing something like this. The boss at Wildstar went to visit his home in the Southampton and found that David’s small room stacked from the floor to the ceiling and that’s when he was convinced that he was the real deal and not some ordinary kid. When Lester later heard the lyrics of the song named “7 Days” he said that he heard a number one record and signed the contract to an album with David on the same day.

David says that he is Jewish and follows traditions as a Jew. He was appointed as the goodwill ambassador against Tuberculosis in the year 2010 on 24th March which is noted to be World Tuberculosis Day. His first ever activity as a goodwill ambassador was travelling to South Africa to learn more about this disease and meeting people who have suffered and recovered. He stated that his primary mission is to assist to overcome the social taboo of tuberculosis in order to defeat the disease.   More of him can be found at wiki and twitter. 



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