It is the politicians who decide the fate of any nation, since how well they undertake their responsibilities has a direct effect on the well-being of the citizens. Politicians exist in order to run the government in the interest of the people who live in the society. They are chosen by the people as representatives of their communities. One such figure is Cory Booker, an American political figure (of the Democratic party) who was born in Washington DC, on 27th April 1958. He is 47 years of age.

Let's find out more about this politician through the short bio compiled from various sources below. As a student of Stanford University, he was active in the collegiate football events. He graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in political science, and also earned Master of Arts in sociology from the same institute.

He moved to Oxford University upon receiving the Rhodes Scholarship and earned his Juris Doctor degree from the well-known Yale Law School. His political career began after that when he became the counselor of Newark city from 1998 to 2002. His defeat to Sharpe James in the 2002 mayoral elections didn't stop him from signing his candidacy in 2006 when he finally won against Ronald Rice, the deputy mayor.

Some of his successful policies that won him praise are crime reduction, an increase in economic projects and developments, involvement in public service, use of social media tools like Twitter. He was also the first ever black US Senator from New Jersey in 2013, and in a February 2016 report by The New York Times, he is one of the potential candidates to replace Justice Antonin Scalia in the Supreme Court. After Obama became the president, Booker was asked to take over leadership duties of Urban Affairs in the White House.

Booker has been active in the American political scene for many years, and it is sure that he must have won many fans and followers in this long career. Even then, he might say things that everyone may not like. For example, very recently he said in an interview as to why presidential candidate Donald Trump will not be the President of the US.

Regarding his views on religion, there are different variations of the same quotes circulating on the internet, the gist of which is that nobody needs to lecture anyone on religion unless the person considers other humans as god's children. He also holds the view that while not liking someone is understandable, degrading, humiliating or dehumanizing them isn't okay at all.

He is a vegetarian since his student days at Oxford, and so far isn't married and does not have a wife.

It is of utmost importance for everyone these days to create a virtual image and goodwill by interacting with their fans and supporters on social media. He has over 99 thousand followers on Instagram, over 1 million followers on Twitter, and over 400 thousand likes on his Facebook page. He also has his own official website, and you could actually follow him on all of these sites to stay updated on what's happening in his personal as well as professional life. You can also find his interviews on many news websites.



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