Corinne Olympios is an American business owner and a model. She is a contestant on the 21st season of ABC reality TV show “The Bachelor” competing to win reality television star Nick Viall’s heart. She rose to face after the media-proclamation as a villain of the show.

She was born on 11 November, 1992, in Miami, Florida. Her parents are Peri Miriam Olympios and James Olympios. According to Chris Harrison, her parents own a multi-million business. It is now run by her. Wiki does not have any article on her bio so not much is known about her education.


Corinne Olympios runs her own business

She runs the online business “Armor Garage”. According to ABC, when asked what she does for a living, she says, “I own an online business. It’s very important to me, but the cool thing is it’s online, so I can run it from anywhere.” She also has her hand in modeling and is listed on Model Mayhem. She has appeared in various music videos for Pitbull, Akon, and DJ Khaled. 


Corinne Olympios really wants Nick to be her boyfriend and later her husband

At the age of 24, she came to the spot light in the reality TV show when she kissed Nick on the very first episode. She borrowed him from a fellow contestant and took him outside and just kissed him. She later clarified herself saying, “I just can’t control myself over someone like that. I just go after what I want and what I want is Nick right now.” 


Corinne Olympios’s message to haters.

She also posted a picture of a pig with heart-shaped glasses on Instagram. The caption of the picture read, “Can’t see the haters when I’ve got my love glasses on. Everyone needs a pair of love glasses. Always be yourself and love yourself because you are amazing life is too beautiful to sit around and worry about what the world thinks of you. Note to self- I love you.” 

She also still has a nanny to look after her. Corinne Olympios net worth is $250 thousand excluding her inherited wealth.


  • American
  • 10 November 1994
  • business owner
  • $250 thousand
  • white
  • The Bachelor
  • Miami
  • the bachelor
  • scorpio
  • James
  • peri
  • Miami

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