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Corinne Foxx is the daughter of Jamie Foxx. She is a model as well as an actress by her profession. After watching her famous father from the sidelines, Corinne is ready to take the center stage. She has now reached at the age of 21 and she is very beautiful as well as charming. She first accompanied her father to Oscars in the year 2005 when he won the Academy Academy for the best actor for his starring role in Ray. Since then, Corinne has been spotted beside her father on the red carpet in numbers of the events which also includes the Grammys as well as the MTV Movie Awards.

Corinne is currently the student at the University of Southern California. A former debutant, Corinne should have no any problem to make her appearance poised on stage at the Globes. She had made her debut at an annual Bal des Debutantes at L’Hotel de Crillon in the Paris last November. For several of the years, she was known by the birth surname of her father which is Bishop. His Oscar winner father was born as Eric Marlon Bishop but when he started in an entertainment business, he changed his name to Jamie Foxx as the tribute to the comedian Redd Foxx. It was in the last year, when Corinne adopted the same surname as her father.

Her father Jamie Foxx is an American actor, comedian, singer, writer, record producer as well as a rapper. He is the native of Terrell, Texas, United States. He came into this world on 13th December of the year 1967 which has now made him reach at the age of 48. He is the son of Darrell Bishop and Louise Annette Talley Dixon. Soon after his birth, he was adopted as well as raised by the adoptive parents of his mother. He was raised up in black quarter of Terrell which at that time was a racially segregated community.

Prior to that, Corinne was also named as Miss Golden Globe 2016 on 18th November of the year 2015. She is one among the two daughters born to her parents. She also has a sister who is named as Annalise who was born in August of the year 2009. Besides that, as she has maintained her profile low, there is no more details regarding her bio and other activities. It is also not known whether she is dating anyone or has boyfriend. She can also get connected via her Instagram and Twitter account. 

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