Corey Sligh is a former Young and the Restless actor as well as a writer who has been arrested as well as charged with the child molestation in his native Georgia.

The news was revealed by TMZ in November of 2016. He was then released on the same day on $22,000 bond. He is widely known for making his appearance in God Is Dead in 2008, All About Lizzie in 2012, and Single Shelley in 2013.



Now, let’s find out some more information related to Lonergan’s bio that has been obtained from different sources. He is a native of Georgia. He has now reached the age of 28. Apart from that, Sligh was brutally beaten in the year 2014.

According to the Daily Mail, at that time, he was walking through Rite Aid parking lot located in West Hollywood on the day of Thanksgiving when he was struck by the vehicle and then beaten. He was then immediately taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he suffered from multiple injuries which also include a broken arm.

Corey Sligh has been active for years and it is sure that during this period, he has won numbers of the fans and followers in his career. Yosef has also more than hundreds of followers on Facebook and Instagram account.

He is active on the Twitter page as well in which he has multiple followers. Besides, more details related to his bio, and acting also can be obtained from various sites. Besides, he has got a page in various sites like Wikipedia and IMDb.

After being beaten, Corey Sligh spent many months recuperating as well as learning how to walk again. In an interview with the Wrap, Sligh had claimed that he is not angry with the men who beat him despite the pain they had caused him.




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