Corey Brooks is one of the contestants of the 18th season of the TV series known as Big Brother. As Brooks has maintained his personal life low, there is no record found about him having any girlfriend or dating anyone. He is a baseball coach by his profession and he must be earning a good salary from his job.

Corey Brooks is one among the popular and most loved celebrities on the TV screen, to whom we have been known as well as seeing daily. Some of the people may have been his fan for a long time as well as they may also want to obtain some more information regarding him. Some of them also may be having information regarding Brooks’ professional and personal life from different gossip pages, newspapers as well as magazines. Brooks has been considered as one of the strongest participants of the reality show Big Brother which is being hosted by the American TV personality, Julie Chen. The season 18th premiered on 22nd June of 2016 on CBS-TV.

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding the personal biography of Brooks which has been obtained from various sources. He is the native of Dallas, Texas, United States of America. He has now reached the age of 25. The three adjectives that describe him are extraordinary, passionate, and lovable. The motto of his life is "the life is like a box of chocolate and we never know what we are going to get."

Corey Brooks is fond of sight-seeing, going out, hiking, playing sports, trying out new restaurants, playing PS4 as well as meeting people. As he is currently focused on his career and his family, he does not seem to have a girlfriend. Therefore, he is a single man. He has truly impressed his viewers with his sweet voice, confidence, and dedication towards his work. Besides, he can also get connected through Twitter and Instagram.


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