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Connor Franta who is an American YouTube Vlogger born on 12th September 1992. He is the native of Wisconsin. He moved to Crescent which is the small town of Minnesota with his family in his childhood. He has three siblings who are named as Nicola, Brandon, and Dustin. He is the third child among the four children born to his parents. As a child, he was athletic and his parents used to take him to the YMCA regularly. During his high school, Connor was the member of School’s swimming team.

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Cannor first created his YouTube Account on 19th August 2010. After very short period, joined the defunct collaborations channel Collabatsea where he uploaded the videos every Monday. In July of the year 2012, the channel ended and after that, Connor soon joined the Our2ndLife which is a collaboration channel that is made of Sam Pottorff, RickyDillon, Trevor Moran, Jc Caylen, and Ricardo Oridires. Later, Ricardo left Our2ndLife, for pursuing the career in radio and he was replaced by Kian Lawley. Like he used to contribute for the previous channel, he also used to upload the videos for Our2ndLife every Monday. In July of the year 2014, Connor’s YouTube channel reached over three million subscribers. Franta introduced his parents to world of the YouTube channel for celebrating his three years on the YouTube.

It was on 7th July of the year 2014 when he officially left the channel Our2ndLife. He then uploaded the video to the YouTube Channel on 8th December2014 which was titled “Coming Out”. Prior to that, we can also find Connor on the Twitter account. His account on twitter was verified on 18th March of the year 2014. To know more about him, we can also follow himon his twitter account.

To talk about his personal life, he had stated that he is a gay. He had told that previously, he felt very different from others and he was also afraid to accept the fact that who he is. But now, he had accepted his true feelings. Connor is very obsessed with the cats and he owns two whom he had named Sam and Pre. Franta is now at the age of 22 and he has got a green eyes and he is a very huge procrastinator. 

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