Colleen Ritzer was a high school Math teacher who used to teach the geometry as well as algebra at the Danvers High School which is located in Boston suburb of Danvers, Massachusetts. She was born on 13th May of the year 1989 and was at the age of 24 when she died.

She was the native of Andover, Massachusetts, United states. Colleen was born as the eldest child among the three children to her parents. She went to get her education from the Andover High School and got graduated from there in 2007. She then got enrolled at the Assumption College and graduated magna cum laude from there in 2011. There, Colleen was a Math major Psychology minor with the concentration in the secondary education.

Ritzer was murdered on night of 22nd October of the year 2013 at high school where she used to work. The police believe that she was killed by the 14 years old Philip Chism who is the student at that school. The body of her was recovered in woods behind the school in early morning on the following day of her murder. Philip raped Colleen after the algebra class and then slit her throat with the box cutter. After that, he dragged her body into woods in recycling barrel. After a couple of years, Chism is about to go on the trial as an adult for the rape, robbery as well as murder charges.

After her death, she was remembered by her students as well as her family members as a devoted teacher who went over and above the duties  for making sure that the students understood their work and then became as the enthusiastic about math as she was. Colleen also maintained active in the social pages such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for interacting with her students and she also offered help and guidance on the tricky topics. 


  • American
  • 1989-05-13
  • Teacher
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  • White
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  • 2013-10-22

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