Chris Maloney (full name Christopher Michael “Chris” Maloney) is an English singer, reality show TV star and former call center operative. He was born on 27th December 1977 in Liverpool, Merseyside in England. Signed to the music label Tristan, Chris is a versatile singer performing pop, soul and gospel. Let's take a look at the bio of this singer who is 38 years of age.

Having filled out the application forms for X Factor for the fifth time in 2012, he finally had the courage to send it. He auditioned in 2012 for the ninth series of the X Factor, initially nervous but later delivering an outstanding version of Bette Milder's “The Rose”, receiving a standing ovation upon completion from the audiences and the judges. Upon being asked why had he hidden his talent for this long, Chris replied that he'd fill up the forms but tear them every time when others told him that he wasn't good enough. Making it into the boot-camps, Chris failed to make it as a finalist but was voted as a wild-card contestant by judges backed by the most votes from the public. In the first of the live final shows, Chris was eliminated thereby giving him the third place. He also was a part of the X Factor live tour in 2013.

A little known fact about Chris is that even though he was nicknamed as a cruise ship singer due to his laid-back style (boring as per the X Factor judges), he did in real life perform in his teens on a couple of cruise ships. As a contestant on X Factor, when much criticism as “boring and cruise ship” was received from the judges, Chris defended himself as an unfortunate pantomime villain of the year. None were therefore surprised when in 2015 Chris went on to perform as Captain Hook on a show titled Peter Pan – A Swashbuckling Easter Pantomime. He later said that he totally enjoyed playing the evil Pirate, and the parents and kids in attendance loved it too.

Chris had a hard time during the 2012 X Factor after receiving death threats and being branded Mr Potato Head, all of which left him stressed, depressed, balding and paranoid. He then underwent cosmetic surgery involving hair transplants, nose jobs, eye lift and veneers to his teeth, costing £60,000 and over 40 hours in procedure.

In a 2013 interview, Chris confirmed signing to Tristar Records, an independent record label and he released his debut single “My Heart Belongs to You” was set to be released on 27th October 2013. Chris is also the founder of The Christopher Maloney Theatre & Arts Academy that trains and coaches children in performing arts, singing, dancing and acting.

Chris came out as a gay in March 2013, and is soon planning to wed his boyfriend Gary Doran whom he proposed to on a trip to Egypt in 2015. This year on January 2016, Chris entered the reality show Celebrity Big Brother.For updates about his life and career, Chris can be followed through his twitter account @ChrisMaloney77, with over 148 thousand followers, and also through his official website



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