Christina Chong is a popular actress who is seen in the movie Star Wars and is from English descent. She was born in the year 1983, currently 22 years of age. She has played some roles in the movies like “Doctor Who”, “24: Live Another Day”, “Black Mirror”, “Line of Duty”, “Monrone” and many others. Her bio info includes the followig details. She is 5 feet and 4 inches in height. 

She was born in the city of Enfield. Her father is from a Chinese descent and his mother is an English woman; her father is also a chef. She was brought up together with her five siblings in the city of Broxbourne in the north of London. After their parents got separated, she moved with her mother and her other siblings to the city of Longridge which also was her mother’s hometown. She and her siblings were only the mixed raced students in the school they studied at that time as per her own recollection. She starting dancing at the age of four and also went to Sutcliffe School of Dance situated in the Longridge.

She secured her place in the Italia Conti Academy Of Theatre Arts In London and she graduated from that academy after five years. She got a role in a musical by Elton John whose name was Aida which was to be performed at Berlin in Germany. An injury became a blockade in her career of Theatre and then she turned to acting; she got trained at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in the New York City for about 18 months in total. After she returned to London, she had some difficulties at the beginning as an actor because she had to start acting in supporting roles and commercial. For the sake of supporting herself, she gave up acting classes and was given the part ownership of her father’s Chinese Restaurant located at Harpenden.

Starting from the year 2011, she made a major breakthrough in her career with some supporting roles in movies like W.E. and Jonny English Reborn and some appearances in the television shows like Doctor Who as one of the regular cast members and also in the Medical Series called Moroe. She has appeared in numerous English as well as American television series.

She had now become famous for her role in the most successful movie series till now, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”; which is one of her most prominent roles in her career at an early age 22 and a praiseworthy accomplishment as well. In the year 2015, she had a repeated role in the second season of the television series named “Dominion” as the character named Zoe Holloway, as a member of Vega’s Archangel Corps who becomes the leader for the rebellion in the lower classes of the cities. Her boyfriend's name is Toby Spigel and she has been dating her for a significant time period. He also works in the film industry but not as an actor. She seems to be actively participative in social networks like instagram and twitter.

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