Chris Hughes is born in 1983 November 26 originally from Hickory, North Carolina who is a American Entrepreneur who also co founded and served as a spokesman for the online social directory and famous networking site Facebook, Hughes worked with the roommates of Harvard who are Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz. Hughes was also briefly the publisher and editor of the New Republic after he brought the company magazine in the late 2012. Hughes is a broad person thinking far from now and works really hard. Hughes (bio) graduated from Philips Academy in the Andover Massachusetts and now his net worth ranges to $ 850 million dollars which was calculated in the late November 2013.

Hughes is always found working and making plans and focuses mostly in a Democratic political party and main occupation is Entrepreneur, Hughes has many followers in facebook, wiki and twitter where he tweets mostly in twitter and gives his opinion in those website and looks for the response of what people actually think if he make this decision or choose to apply that in his work and company for the future. Hughes is mostly focused in what he does most and what he is doing most. Hughes is just 31 years old (age) and now is a married man.

Hughes married Sean Eldridge who is a Political Director of the Freedom to Marry both are men and they have a gay marriage which was after a year of their engagement in 2011 January. Hughes  and his partner brought a $ 2 million dollar house in New York and are living happily. Hughes is a great person and looks great and people recognize him and his partner easily as they also appeared in the Republic Magazine in 2012 about describing their life thoughts and how they are living and what they are doing as a couple.

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  • 1983-11-26
  • Entrepreneur
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  • $450 Million Dollars
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  • White
  • Sean Eldridge
  • Harvard University
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