Chloe Scordianos is a woman who gained notoriety in February of 2016 for the scandal after she had sex publicly on the World’s largest ferris wheel located in Las Vegas, Nevada with her partner named Philip Frank Panzia III. Chloe is the native of Hicksville, New York, United States. She has now reached at the age of 21.

Chloe and Philip both were charged with committing sex acts in the public on High roller Ferris Wheel next to the Linq Hotel in Las Vegas on afternoon of Friday. The couple was in the car by themselves and they were smoking cigarettes at around 3 pm when they refused two intercom requests for reclothing themselves. They the continued to get engaged in various sex acts. The court documents reported by the KSNV said that the riders in nearby glass pod took the video of an encounter during 30 minutes ride above Las Vegas strip.

The officials said that there had been an increase in patrons rolling the dice on getting caught at the ride. One of the websites even offers tips for having sex on wheel such as bringing a blanket and waiting until the pod reaches the apex of attraction. The lawyer of Chloe Christopher Rasmussen told to the Las Vegas Review Journal that sky high hijinks could not be called as public sex acts because the riders expect to have their privacy in their pods. Later, Chloe and Philip were released on $3000 bail and they have a court date for March 2016.

Prior to that, According to the facebook page of Chloe, she is currently working as a Momma at Taking Care of My Son. She is currently studying Civil Engineering Technology at the Nassau Community college that is located in New York. In addition to that, Chloe has also did a cover for a song titled as Price Tag by Jessie J. Besides that, she is not married and for more details regarding her bio, she can also get connected through twitter and Instagram. 


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