Chester Castellaw, 18, is a handsome soccer player who has been identified as the boyfriend of Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson. The couple has been dating and spending a lot of time together with each other. The family of his girlfriend has said that Chester is an incredibly kind as well as sensitive young man.

Castellaw is native of LA and he went to study at the Crespi Carmelite High School. After that, he attended UC Berkeley where he is still studying. He is also a forward soccer player. In addition to that, Castellaw was also the member of US Under-14 National Team. Currently, he is playing for the real So Cal soccer Team.

Castellaw’s girlfriend, Paris Jackson is a student of California High School. Previously, she was send to the Utah Boarding school where she had attempted suicide. Castellaw is said to have been have very understanding and supportive to Jackson.

Now that Jackson is also back at her home living together with brothers, Prince and Blanket and grand-mother, Katherine Jackson, she is much happier and reportedly performing very well in studies as well. Standing tall at a height of five feet and nine inches, Jackson has now reached at the age of 17 and grown to be a very beautiful lady.

Castellaw prefers to keep his personal life private and does not share much with the media. Besides that, he can also be followed on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.


  • Soccer Player
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  • Crespi Carmelite High School
  • Los Angeles
  • Soccer Player
  • Real So Cal soccer Team
  • Paris Jackson


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