Charlie Sly is a pharmacist who is based in Texas. He has recently been accused in an upcoming Al Jazeera investigation for providing the human growth hormone to the several of the pro athletes also including Peyton Manning who is the quarterback of Denver Broncos.

According to Huffington Post, the British hurdler Liam Collins went undercover for a documentary in an effort for exposing the widespread nature of the performance enhancing drugs in the global sports. In the conversations of Sly with Collins, which were secretly recorded, Sly says he as the part of the medical team which helped Manning recover from the neck surgeries in the year 2011.

Charlie used to work at the Guyer Institute which is an Indian based anti-aging clinic where Manning received the treatments in 2011. Despite the documentary claims that Sly used to work there in 2011, he told to the ESPN that he was actually an employee of that clinic in 2013. An online records show that Charlie was licensed as the pharmacy intern from the year 2010 to 2013 in Indiana.

Manning missed 2011 season, his final year with Indianapolis Colts because of neck surgery. In conversations recorded by Collins, Charlie tells that he was the part of medical team which treated Manning, though he denied that. Additionally, he also says that clinic mailed growth hormone as well as other drugs to the wife of Manning Ashley so that his name was not attached.

Later, Sly told to the ESPN that Collins took advantage of him during the vulnurable time of his life and his fiance died. Sly also used to work as an intern for the Guyer in the year 2013. Besides that, as he has maintained his profile low, there is no more details found about his age and height. For more details about his bio, he can also get connected through the Twitter and Instagram. 


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