Known to fiction readers all over as Cassandra Clare, Judith Rumelt was born on 27th July 1973 in Tehran, Iran. An American by nationality, Clare usually writes in the young adult fiction genre and has so to speak been synonymous to literary movements such as contemporary and urban fantasy, and fantasy of manners. Let's delve right away into a short bio of this author, who is currently 42 years of age.

Born to American parents in Iran (mother: an author, father: a business school professor), Clare's grandfather from her mother's side was Max Rosenberg, a noted film producer whose career lasted six decades and is noted particularly for his movies based on supernatural themes. Clare has stated that her family wasn't the religious type but Clare is said to be Jewish. Her childhood was spent traveling and dividing time between Switzerland, France, and England, but returned to the United States upon completing her high school. After that, she spent her time between New York and California working for magazine and tabloids, one of which was The Hollywood Reporter.

It was during her time in New York that Clare started to write fan fiction, with the pen name Cassandra Clare. She wrote The Draco Triology (based on Harry Potter) and The Very Secret Diaries (based on The Lord of the Rings), and both were very popular with readers, but she deleted both of these from the internet before she had her first original novel titled The City of Bones published under the aforementioned pen name.

Clare's friendship with Holly Black, another author has resulted in crossover materials by overlapping elements or characters from each other's books. In an effort to maximize the sales of the print book sales, a letter (as if written from one character of the book to another) in printed form is attached to the books' back cover. Clare's publisher calls this move the “City of Fallen Angels treatment” and she has been credited for doing this to attract more readers. With 10 short fiction stories to her credit and two fanfictions that she has written as mentioned above, Clare has written The Shadowhunter Chronicles that has its own universe of book series. Under The Shadowhunter Chronicles, The Mortal Instruments series has six main books and four companion books, The Infernal Devices has three books, and The Dark Artifices has three books. Similarly, she has also co-penned with Holly Black a series titled The Magisterium which has five books, three of which are yet to be published).

She is married to Joshua Lewis and lives in Amherst, Massachussetts with her husband Joshua Lewis and three pet cats. One of her famous quotes is about how the influence of literature and poetry is avoided only by those with a weak mind, and that seems correct from all angle to those who love imagination as much as reality.

Clare's net worth as of 2015 is $7 million, and she has over 500 thousand followers on Twitter. She also uses Instagram where she is followed by 272 thousand followers. More about her can be found on her official website,



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