Casey Neistat is an American YouTube personality, vlogger, filmmaker, as well as a co-founder of a social media company known as Beme. In addition to that, Casey and his brother Van are also the creators of an HBO series known as The Neistat Brothers. Talking about his personal life biography, he has already got married. He is married to his girlfriend turned wife named Candice Pool. The pair tied their knot with each other in 2005 in Houston, Texas.

They ended their marriage due to some personal reason and later, the again got remarried on 29th December of 2013. Additionally, he also has one kid with his wife. Besides, he was also dating Robin Harris with whom he also has one child. Now, let’s find out some more information related to Neistat’s bio that has been obtained from different sources. He is the native of Gales Ferry, Connecticut, United States of America.

He came into this world on 25th March of the year 1981 which has now made him reach at the age of 35. Both of his parents were real estate owners and the developers in New York City. He went to study at the Ledyard High School and then he dropped out in 10h grade when he was 15 years old. He later did not return to the school or got graduated.

From the age of 17 until 20, Neistat resided in the trailer park along with his friend Robin Harris, and their son named Owen. During that time, he decided that he would move to New York City. Prior to that, he has also worked as a dishwasher at one of the restaurant and short-order cook in the Mystic, Connecticut. Besides that, his first work in the New York City was as a bike messenger.  

Casey Neistat has been active since 2010 and it is sure that during this period, he has won numbers of the fans and followers in the career. Neistat has also more than hundreds of the followers on Facebook and Instagram account. He is also active on the Twitter page as well and link to the page is in which he got 910K followers. Besides, more news related to his bio, interview and also can be accessed from YouTube. Besides, he has also got pages in various sites like IMDb and Wikipedia.

Casey Neistat stands at height of 5 feet and 10 inches that are 1.78 m. Apart from his career in TV as well as film, he also directs TV commercials having worked with the clients such as Nike, Samsung, Google, J. Crew, Mercedes-Benz, and Finn Jewelry. 



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