Caroline Stanbury is an English entrepreneur, actress, a fashion enthusiast and a stylish. Caroline Stanbury runs her own beauty and lifestyle blog. The blog is titled after herself. She is also the Proprietor of “The Wedding Shop of Caroline Stanbury”. The Ladies of London Star started a gift Library for luxury goods before the wedding shop.She started her entrepreneur career from 2008 and has been growing since then. 

Caroline Stanbury recently moved to her new house in Dubai with her 3 children and husband.
Caroline was born on April 28, 1976, to Elizabeth Stanbury and Anthony Stanbury. She was born and raised in a high-class family in London. She was deeply interested in the fashion industry since she was a child. Born in the Vestey Dynasty, she was well acquainted with London’s high society Royals and celebrities. Though she didn’t go to any university, she attended a very reputed school in Gloucestershire, Westonbirt Boarding School. She grew up in an environment being surrounded by nannies in tidy uniforms, washing hands even before touching her siblings and learning to get on and off a Porsche beautifully in school.

She has quiet a list of guys she has dated, actor, football player, prince and a financer. She got hooked with Rambo-star Sylvester Stallone when she was 18 and he, 48 in 1994.It was a brief one. She dated Prince Andrew, 40, in 2000 when she was 24 years old. The couple had to part ways because of all the paparazzi and the press. She did try to keep her next relationship, with 40 years old Hugh Grant, low-key but even that just remained as a summer romance because she was from a richer family than Grant’s. She also dated multi-millionaire footballer Ryan Giggs but he dumped her when his girlfriend Stacey Cooke got pregnant in 2002.

After all the hook-ups and break-ups, she started her family Turkish Financer Cem Habib in 2004 when she was 28. They dated each other for a year before getting married. They now have three children. The twins Aron and Zac are 6 and daughter Yasmine is 10. The reality TV star is currently living in Dubai with her family due to her husband’s work. Changing her home from the place she has lived since birth, she says, she is very happy.

Caroline Stanbury, who was born in an already rich family has a net worth of $30 million.
Right after her school, she started working as public relations professional where she built up a lot of contacts working for London’s most reputed group. She began entrepreneurship in 2008 with the Gift Library of Caroline Stanbury. The venture was a huge success and resulted in three more branches with over 50 staffs.

The library has annual revenue of $3milion. In November 2013, she started a wedding list service, The Wedding Shop of Caroline Stanbury which is another success. These ventures have added more to the born rich star. As per Wikipedia, she is the main character of Bravo’s “Ladies of London”. Her net worth in today’s date is $30 million.


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