Carol Ann Alt is a famous American actress and a model who was born in the year 1960, 1st December; so she is 56 years of age at present. Though she is quite old, she does not look like she has lost her vigor, she looks as energetic as a teenager. She took birth in the city of Flushing, Queens at New York.

Her mother’s name is Muriel, who was an airline employee and a model and her father’s name is Anthony Elf who used to be a fire chief. It has been rumored that she was seen waiting for the tables at East Williston, Long Island. She decided to try modeling at the age of 18 as a summer job so that she could save money for college. Her bio includes the following details.

Her first huge break started in the year 1986 when she got featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine but got the public attention in the year 1982 after she got featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she appeared in a huge number of magazine covers during the 1980s being one of the most famous models of her age. At the extreme heights of her popularity, she was included in the ad campaigns for Pepsi, General Motors, Cover Girl Cosmetics and many others She also was the first model producing her own posters and calendars.

After 1985, she started appearing in movies and majority of which were Italian production. In the year 2004, she starred in a movie named Snakehead Terror. She also acted in the role of Karen Oldham in the television adaptation of Amazon and also acted in some minor roles in television series.

She also has written two books, both of them promote her own raw food diet plan. She also has appeared on the cover and in a nude picture for the magazine named Playboy. She also has been placed in the 5th position of Top 10 Models of all Time.

In the year 2013, in the month of September, she joined the Fox News team along with her own half-hour Saturday afternoon television show named “A Healthy You and Carol Alt” which basically deals with her personal experience about her wellness and longevity; at the end of the show, she answers questions shot by the viewers in her facebook and twitter accounts.

She married Ron Greschner, who used to be a former New York Rangers at the St. Aidan’s Roman Catholic Church situated at the Williston Park in Long Island in the year 1983 but unfortunately, the couple got divorced in the year 1996. She then got involved in a long-term relationship with Alexei Yashin, who used to be a former professional ice hockey player. She has not been reported dating anyone at present.

She is 1.79 meters in height and her height perfectly matches her curvaceous physique that every female dream of having. She weighs 128 pounds with the body measurements of 34-25-34. She advises women and girls of different age group to adopt healthy lifestyle.



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