Carlin Q. Williams is an aspiring rapper who is serving time in federal prison. He has filed a paternity claim against the estate of Prince. Carlin who has now reach the age of 39 is the native of Kansas City, Missouri. He claims that he is the biological son of Prince and the sole surviving legal heir to the massive fortune of the late pop icon. According to the KMSP, he filed the paternity claim on Monday, 9th May of 2016 in Carver Country, Minnesota, Probate Court.

Williams is first to file paternity claim against Prince’s estate. His petition for the DNA testing comes few days after the Carver County Judge ordered the DNA testing of the blood of Prince in anticipation of such claims. Williams’ mother Mardha J. Henson has already signed an affidavit obtained by the Fox 9 News reporter Paul Blume which stated she allege that Prince Rogers Nelson “Mr. Nelson” is the father of her son Carlin Q. Williams. She had also said that she met Prince sometime in July of 1976 in the lobby of Crown Center Hotel that is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Williams’ mother unmarried at that time and Prince drank wine with each other and then led her to Midwest Hotel to check into the room where they both had unprotected sex. She also claims that was the night Carlin was conceived. According to the Associated Press, Williams is serving at the maximum-security federal prison in Florence, Colorado. In 2013, he pleaded guilty to the one count of unlawfully being in the possession of a firearm and he received the sentence of 8 years in prison. As Carlin does not want to share his personal life with media, there is no any news found about his ethnicity and nationality. Besides that, for more info related to his family background and bio, he can be connected through Twitter and Instagram. 

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