Campbell Brown (full name Alma Dale Cambell Brown) is an American TV anchor and news reporter who was born on 14th June 1968 in Ferriday, Louisiana. Currently, she works as an education reform and school choice activist since 2013. She earlier worked as a broadcast journalist for NBC and CNN. She is 48 years of age. Below is her bio in brief.

Raised a Roman Catholic, Brown went to the Trinity Episcopal Day School, and has fond memories of her childhood and family that were involved in politics, cooking and hunting. She was expelled from the Madiera School for her indiscipline involving going to a party by sneaking off the premises. She attended Louisiana State University for 2 years and graduated from Regis University, after which she spent 2 years teaching English in Czechoslovakia.

Brown worked as co-anchor for the NBC program Weekend Today from 2003 to 2007, and then went to work for the CNN for their series Campbell Brown from 2008 to 2010. As a part of the reporting team on Hurricane Katrina Brown won an Emmy Award for the coverage of the disaster. After her career as a news journalist and broadcaster, Brown devoted her time to social causes, especially the betterment of education for children.

She founded Parents Transparency Project that works non-profit on behalf of parents to gain information and accountability from teachers' unions and New York Department of Education. She also launched the website in 2014 to put forth the views of parents in relation to Department of Education and United Federation of Teachers. In July 2015, Brown co-founded a non-profit/non-partisan news site named The Seventy Four covering education in the US. She also serves on the board of a NYC charter school network called Success Academy Charter Schools; a non-profit organization that addresses the emotional effects of poverty on children's learning environments named Turnaround for Children; and the International Women's Media Foundation, also known as IWMF.

Her husband is Daniel Samuel Senor, whom she married on 2nd April 2006. Senor and Brown met in Iraq, with Senor working as spokesman for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad and Brown as one of the journalists covering his daily news conference. The couple has 2 sons. In 2008, Brown addressed charges about her marriage to Senor conflicting with her professional objectivity. However, Brown aptly replied that such marriages were very common in Washington, citing examples of NBC reporters like Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell who were married to a Democratic party consultant and Alan Greenspan respectively. Brown was earlier married to a Washington DC real estate broker, but the marriage ended in divorce.

Brown has performed as a broadcast journalist in the play 8, that was produced in 2008. In popular culture, comedienne/actress Tracey Ullman portrayed Brown in her Showtime comedy series Tracey Ullman's State of the Union. Kristen Wiig did the same on Saturday Night Live. Brown's salary isn't known, but she has a net worth estimated at around $8.5 million. She can be followed on various social sites like twitter (where she has over 18 thousand followers) and facebook. She doesn't seem to have any instagram account.



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