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Buzz Aldrin who is an American engineer and a former astronaut as well as the second person to walk on the Moon was born on 20th January of the year 1930. He was Lunar Module Pilot on the Apollo 11, first manned lunar landing in the history. He is the native of Glen Ridge, New Jersey, United States. He is the son of Edwin Eugene Aldrin and Marion Gaddys. He was a Boy Scout as well as he had earned a rank of the Tenderfoot Scout. He went to study at the Montclair High School and got graduated from there in 1947. After completing his graduation, he turned down full scholarship offer from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then went to United States Military Academy located at the West Point, New York.

Buzz got graduated thirst in the career at the West Point in the year 1951 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the Mechanical Engineering. Buzz set his foot on the Moon on 21st July of the year 1969 at 03: 15: 16 following the mission commander Neil Armstrong. In addition to that, he is also the former U.S. Air Force Officer as well as a Command Pilot. While he was being interviewed in 2005 for a documentary called First on the Moon: the untold story, he told that they saw an unidentified flying object there. While he made his appearance on the Howard Stern Show on 15th August of 2007, Buzz was asked about the supposed UFO sighting. Additionally, he has also co-authored the books titled as Return to Earth, Men From Earth, Reaching the Moon, Look to the Stars and Magnificent Desolation.

To talk about his personal life biography, Buzz has already got married. He had married for three times as well as divorced too. At first, he was married to his first wife named Joan Archer. He has three children together with Joan who are named as James, Janice and Andrew. They tied their knot with each other on 29th December of the year 1954 and remained together till their divorce in 1972. He then again got remarried to his second wife Beverly Van Zile with whom he got married on 19th December of 1975. Later, due to some reason, Buzz and Benerly got divorced with each other on 10th April of 1978. After that, he again got married for the third time with Driggs Cannon. The couple exchanged their vows with each other on 14th February of the year 1988. Later, he filed for the divorce on 15th June of 2011 and their divorce was then finalized on 28th December of the following year.

Apart from that, Buzz has now already reached at the age of 85. He belongs to an American nationality and is of Scottish, Swedish and German ancestry. Although he is known by the name Buzz Aldrin, as a child, he was named as Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr. he got his nickname “Buzz” originated in his childhood. He is a Freemason, member of the Montclair Lodge #144 of New Jersey as well as Clear Lake Lodge #1417 of Texas. To know more facts as well as quotes about him, we can also found in from various internet sites.  

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