Brittney McNorton is widely known for dating his boyfriend named Calvin Johnson.

The couple will soon get married to each other because her boyfriend Calvin has proposed her in March of the year 2015 in Baltimore when they were in the town for Ed Block Courage Award ceremony.

Brittney landed her pretty face as well as smart self to Detroit Lions as an intern and the premium suite sales in July of the year 2008.

 Later in February, she then became an assistant, suite sales as well as sponsorship. She is now at the age of 28 and she is the daughter of Rosalind McNorton and Bruce Edward McNorton.

At present, Brittney is working for the Detroit Lions Organizations since the year 2012 as their Promotions Manager as well as Manager of Partnership Aviation.

 In addition to that, she also moonlights as Martial Arts Tournament Organizer and the Manager of the To-The-Death Matches.

She went to get her education from the Michigan State University. She has earned a degree in the communications as well as public relations. She was also the member of Alpha Kappa Sorority.

There is no more details found about her bio and height. More information about her can also be accessed from various sites. Besides that, Brittney can also be connected through her Twitter and Instagram account.



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