Brittany Maynard who was an American woman was born on 19th November 1984. She was suffering with the terminal brain cancer and she was the one who decided that she would end her life when the time seemed to be right. Brittany was the native of Anaheim, California, United States. As a child, she was named as Brittany Lauren Maynard. She attended UC Berkeley and got graduated from there as an undergrad. After that, she then went on to join UC Irvine from where she earned a Masters in Education.

It was on 1st January 2014 that Brittany got diagnosed with the glioblastoma which is the form of the brain cancer. She then had a partial craniotomy and partial resection of the temporal lobe. Later in April of 2014, the cancer again returned and the diagnosis was elevated to the grade 4 glioblastoma, with prognosis of the six months to live. Maynard then moved to Oregon from California for taking an advantage of the Oregon’s Death with Dignity Law by saying that death with the dignity was best option for Brittany as well as her family. Before stopping her breath, she got partnered with the Compassion & Choices for creating Brittany Maynard Fund that seeks the legalize aid in dying in the states where it is an illegal now.

Addition to that, she has also written a piece for the CNN which is titled as “My Right to Death with Dignity at 29”. Marcia Angell who is the former editor-in-chief of New England Journal of Medicine had wrote that Brittany Maynard was the new face of assisted dying movement who had helped future patients that want the same choice. Brittany stated on 29th October 2014 that it doesn’t seem like right time right now but she would still end her life at some future point.

The People Magazine as well as other various media sources reported on 2nd November of the year 2014 that Brittany had ended her own life on the 1st November where she was surrounded by her loved ones. Her final post on her Facebook account was “goodbye to all the dear friends and my family that I love. This is the day that I have chosen to get pass away with the dignity in face of my terminal illness, this brain cancer which has taken much from me… but also would have taken so much more”.

To talk about her personal life, Brittany was a married woman. She was married to her husband Daniel Esteban Diaz. The couple got to each other on September of the year 2013. Brittany and Daniel met first in April 2007.

Apart from that, Maynard died at the age of 29. She was among the accomplished as well as adventuresome traveler. She has spent most of the months living solo as well as teaching in the orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. She also spent her time in Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia and Thailand. In addition to that, Brittany was an animal too. She used to do regular volunteering at local animals rescue organization before she became diagnosed with the cancer. Besides that, Brittany has inspired millions of human beings with her wisdom and courage.


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