Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is a famous American journalist who has also written various books on religion.  Other than she is also better known as a social commentator and an activist. She is a native of Lebanon who later moved to the United States. She is an anti-Islam activist and also the founder of two non-profit political organizations one American Congress For Truth and ACT! for America. We can also see many of her speech on YouTube.

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Personal Life

Brigitte Gabriel faced a brutal military attack when she was a child. She grew up facing the same fear as the house was completely destroyed and she had to live underground with her parents.

Brigitte Gabriel was born in the 21 October 1964. Her parents are a Christian from Marjeyoun District of Lebanon where Brigitte was born. As per wiki, when she was ten there was an attack on a military base camp of Lebanese by Islamic activist. As the Lebanese military camp was near her house it too got destroyed.

As a consequence of the assault, she and her family were forced to go underground and live in the 8 by 10-foot bomb shelter for seven years. Living there they faced several problems like lack of sanitation, no electricity, and water. They survived only having a small kerosene heater and little food.

Brigitte's with her work has created a different space in the media. She is very much influential that her works have over shade her married life. There is no any information about her husband or children neither she has talked about them.  


Professional Life

Brigitte Gabriel's childhood memories have made her anti-Islamic. She has been active in many events related to the issues. She is also the founder of ACT for American. Brigitte Gabriel was an Arabic-language evening news broadcaster at the beginning of her career.

Brigitte Gabriel is a very talented and a hard working woman, she says that Islam keeps countries backward and that ultimately teaches terrorism to promote her views. She also founded the American Congress for Truth and ACT for American, a citizen action network that also promotes national security and the defense of American Democratic values against the assault of Radical Islam.

When it comes to the beginning of Brigitte Gabriel career, as per her bio she first joined World News as an Arabic-language evening news anchor of Middle East television. The broadcast was done in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel. There the main issues that she covered were an Israeli withdrawal from central Lebanon, the Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza and the Israeli Security Zone.

Later Brigitte Gabriel formed ACT! for America, there are many events and campaign that has been conducted by this organization which has been very much effective too. Many describe this firm to be one of the largest grass-rooted anti-Muslim group of the United States.

Brigitte Gabriel attended one year of business administration course at the famous YWCA in the year 1984 and is a well-educated woman. She has also appeared in many news and shows and in CNN too, she has also published a book about the religion and criticism to the truth and the name of the books are Because They Hate and They Must Be Stopped and so on.

She has also met Obama and passed her view and presently at the age 50 and doing her best the nation and for the religion to stop discrimination and hatred. 


Net Worth and Salary

Brigitte Gabriel is a very successful person when we talk about American conservative journalist. She is actively working in various fields.

Brigitte Gabriel is a very successful American Conservative journalist. She has also written books titled 'They Must be Stopped' and 'Because they Hate'. She is also the founder of two political organizations. Apart from that, she is also a political lecturer and who has formed two non-profit political organizations.

So with all of her work, we can assume that she gets a good quantity of salary and net worth.

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