Bridget Fonda

Bridget Fonda is a beautiful and gorgeous, retired American actress who was once nominated for Emmy Award. Bridget was active in the Hollywood entertainment industry for almost four decades. She belongs to the clan of famous people. Bridget started her professional career at the age of five and has given the Hollywood many awards winning performances.

Personal Life

Bridget Fonda belongs to a family of actors most of her family members belong to American entertainment industry. Bridget married after she left the big movie screen and now she lives her with her husband and child.


Bridget Fonda was born on 27 January 1964 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Her father Peter Fonda is an American actor like her grandfather Henry Jaynes Fonda. Her aunt was also an actress and her grandmother was a well-known American socialite.  Mother Susan Jane Brewer too is an artist and she named Bridget after actress Margaret Sullavan's daughter.

Even thought Bridget mother is Susan, her parents divorced very early so she was raised by Portia Rebecca Crockett whom father Peter married later. She has a brother named Justin and a stepbrother Thomas McGuane Jr. According to imdb, she got admitted at the New York University and graduated after four years in method acting. Before that, she got enrolled at Westlake School for Girls located in Los Angeles.  

It seems that Bridget wanted to give full time to her husband and her family. She left the entertainment industry in 2002 and then got married. She is married to her husband Danny Elfman. They tied their knot with each other on 29th November of 2003 and since then, they are living their blissful life together. She also has one child, a son together with Danny. She gave birth to their first child, Oliver Henry Milton Elfman in mid-January of 2005.

Previously, she dated Eric Stoltz whom she met in 1986. After that, they started dating each other in 1990 but they ended their relationship after eight long years.


Professional life

Bridget Fonda started as a child actress in the 1969 movie Easy Rider. She was also involved in theater. Her last movie was Kiss of the Dragon.


An American actress Bridget Fonda is widely known for portraying her roles in the movies such as Single White Female, The Godfather Part III, It Could Happen To You, Point of no Return, and Jackie Brown.

Bridget's voice over for the animated feature movie Balto in 1995 was also very much liked by people. Bridget, in the beginning, started getting involved in theater shows and when she was also the cast member in a school production of Harvey. Later she made her debuted in the late 1960's movie Easy Rider.

The last movies that Bridget Fonda did were Kiss of the Dragon in 2001 with Jet Li and Snow Queen in 2002. She has not been seen in any other movies since then. Bridget Fonda role as a journalist in the Godfather Part III was her breakthrough part. Till now she has been in many TV series and movies such as City Hall, Touch, Balto, Camilla, The Edge, Snow Queen, Lake Placid, A Simple Plan and much more.



Bridget Fonda got nominated for the Emmy Award in the year 1997 for her TV film 'In the Gloaming'. This beauty has been nominated for Golden Globe Award for several times.

Talking about her awards she was nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for movie 'Scandal'. For movie 'In the Gloaming' in 1997 Bridget was one of the nominees for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress.

 In 2002, Golden Globe again nominated her for Best Performance for 'No Ordinary Baby' and 'After Amy'.


Net worth and Salary

Bridget Fonda worked for the entertainment industry for more than three decades. She had her role in many award winning movies. Her current net worth can be counted in million.


Bridget Fonda worked hard during her entire time in the show biz industry and was dedicated towards her work. She has earned an estimated net worth of $10 million

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