Brandi Redmond

Brandi Redmond another famous name in 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' series. Brandi Redmond is a mother of two and a wife of real estate developer. Brandi Redmond met the love of her life in her high school, since then they are living together having a family. The most amazing are she was a cheerleader for many years. Despite not really being involved in huge income projects Brandi supports many local and national charity programs.

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Brandi Redmond struggle in her family through "The Real Housewives"

Brandi Redmond is from Memphis, Tennessee, the United States of America who later moved to Dallas Texas. She is a graduate of Texas Woman's University in Bachelor of Science in Social Relations.   Brandi now at the age of 37 has two beautiful daughters. Brandi Redmond is married to Ryan Redmond; he is a real estate developer who owns a company named Suntex which is a very successful real estate company of US. It is a multi-dollar company and Ryan has an amount of income. This love birds are living a happy life since they met.

Tragic story behind the smile and laughter of Brandi Redmond

However, when she look at her family life she has a very heartbreaking story. According to Bravo, she lost her brother-in-law in 2016, when he was just 33. She also shared this sad story through her Instagram of how grieved the family member is due to the loss of brother-in-law Jeff.  She describes him to be very loving, funny and sweet with whom everyone was pleased to be around. The saddest part was Brandi's sister in law, Lee, was expecting for Thanksgiving.

In the same year 2016 when she lost her brother in law, she also came to hear the heart aching new about her brother's death due to overdose and perhaps attempting suicide. Michael was her younger brother whom she describes as a free spirit. She loved her brother very much. "He wanted to serve our country and was passionate about doing so. When I found out that he was in the hospital, I was shocked not realizing how serious his struggles with PTSD had become," said Brandi Redmond, according to Inquisitr.  

Why isn't Brandi getting enough support from her husband?

Brandi is no doubt built-up with bold and strong character, however, every woman is infused with tender heart. In the show 'The Real Housewives of Dallas' she shared how her husband isn't quite supportive of her career and not very responsive to her wants. But we hardly hear any news about her separation as she has gone her parent's divorce which tore her family apart. Maybe she does not really want it to happen with her daughters whom she loves a lot.

Brandi Redmond's net worth and salary. Most part goes to the charitable house

Brandi Redmond collects the satisfying amount of net worth for the stuff she loves to do. The main thing she does with her income is donating to the charitable organizations. She does it as the net worth she earns is from her own work. According to The net worth, her estimated net worth is $3.5 Million.

Her main source of income is the show she does. "The Real Housewives" has funded her enough to meet her wants. The other thing is she was a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys for many years. But as she entered the phase of motherhood she left her cheerleading behind to take care of her family.  

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