Bonner Bolton is a bull rider who is blowing the minds of audiences with his classy dance moves. Bonner Bolton cowboy with his partner Sharna Burgess is sparking magic in the dance floor of the Tv show "Dancing with the Stars".

Bonner Bolton started his bull riding career at a very early age.  Bolton during his bull riding career has faced several injuries and once his body down from the neck was temporarily paralyzed. Many people also know him as a model who is working with IMG Models.

He has done photo shoots for products like Boot Barn, Saks Fifth Avenue, Br4ss underwear. Currently, he is doing the dance show where is gaining huge popularity and love from the viewers.

Bonner Bolton, a professional bull rider from Texas cowboy family

Bonner Bolton belongs from Odessa, Texas, United States of America. He is a bull-rider since 2010 who won his first World bull riding title and golden buckle at the age of 20. Father Toya Bolton, is an inspiration for his passion and dedication in this field.

His dad was a professional rodeo, for 15 years. Bonner says his love for this sport arose when he saw his father's performance videos. It was from his childhood that he wanted to be like his father. Bonner Bolton is also very good in horse ride.

Father Toya Bolton began to train son Bonner Bolton when he was just ten, as he was already physically fit for the game. "He showed me workouts and training method and pushed me to work hard after school to dedicate time to training my body and mind to this sport." according to Bonner, Fatherly.

On May 2016 Bonner Bolton signed IMG Modeling contract. It is said that he caught the eye of this modeling agency when a photographer named Cass Bird captured his picture at the world championship in the year 2015.

Fatally paralyzed, Bonner Bolton got new life being recovered

Bonner Bolton during the game in January 2016 had a terrible fall and was even kick off by the bull on his back several times. He landed straight on his head after the fall which paralyzed his body from the neck down, for which it was said that he gained consciousness within some hour. After the disaster, Bonner Bolton was left with broken C-2 vertebrate with many injuries

He just had one percentage possibility of getting back his strength and walk again. "As soon as I hit the ground I knew what happened. The fall didn’t knock me out – I was totally conscious" …. It was one of the scariest moments of my life." People. He says God showed his miracle upon saving him. Because he has seen many people flooding in blood and died on the pitch.

Can you imagine such a handsome hunk like Bonner Bolton to be single? Who can be his girlfriend?

Yes, there comes a big question mark when you see Bonner Bolton. Is he single? we guess the perfect question will be Can he really be single? Getting into the dance show "Dancing with the stars" he has already caught the eyes of many ladies. Well, the good news is Bonner Bolton is single.

However!!! there are rumors spreading around about Bonner having a little romance with his professional partner Sharna. People were amazed at the mind-blowing debut they performed in the season 24 premier. They were more startled when they saw Bonner holding his partner by the waist. This is just a beginning, it is not sure that they will be dating each other.


  • American
  • 5.11
  • June 1, 1987
  • Bull-rider and Model.

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