Blac Youngsta

Blac Youngsta who is a rapper has stated that he was stopped by the police outside of the Atlanta Bank after he withdrew hundreds of thousands of the dollars on Friday. Although he is known by the name Blac Youngsta, as a child, he was named as Sam Benson. He also said that it all started when he stopped by the Wells FargoBank on Peachtree Rd. NE. Blac withdrew $200000 in cash from his own account. He also said that when he came out of the bank, a police officer pointed at him.

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After that, the police came back running after his car, kept him on the ground putting the guns to his head. He then said what did he do. Later, a lady was like he was not supposed to have $200000. Blac was then like, he was a millionaire and how can he now have that amount on himself.

Later, the police apologized him and he said that the police initially too his $100000 of cash but he again said that he had got all of his money back. In addition to that, he also stated that he withdrew that money for buying a vehicle. He was in market for a Maybach but after that incident at the bank, he said that he was thinking about taking a Ferrari.

Blac is a rapper as well as an organizer of a popular McMillan Street block party. He is the native of South Memphis. In the year 2014 he came into the lime light after his hit song titled as Heavy.

He started to host the parties in 2011 in order to honor a neighborhood youth King Craddy who was violently murdered a year before. After a year, he released a first of his Fact Brick mixtapes with the Fast Brick 2 landing that same year. Besides that, more details about his bio, age, and detain can be accessed from various sources. 

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