Billie Catherine Lourd is a popular American actress who is also known for her portrayal of the role as Chanel#3 in Scream Queens. She was born in the year 1992, 17th July. She was born in Los Angeles, in the state of California. Her mother’s name is Carie Fisher and her father’s name is Bryan Lourd who is also a talented agent. Her grandmother’s name is Debbie Reynolds who is also an actress and her grandfather’s name is Eddie Fisher; she is the niece of Joely Fisher, Todd Fisher, and Tricia Leigh Fisher. We can consider that her talents and potentials is in her genetics since most of her ancestors were in the same line of work i.e. acting and performing. Her bio includes the following details.

She studied the subject of religion as well as psychology at the New York University and graduated from there in the year 2014. In the year 2014, in the month of June, a magazine named The Sun announced that she would be appearing in the sequel of Star wars which was to be released in the year 2015, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She was reported to be playing the role of young version of Princess Leia as a franchise. In the year 2015, in the month of May, she said that she had a small role in the movie but she would not be playing the role of Princess Leia of her daughter. The sequel got released in the year 2015, December along with her role as a Lieutenant Connix in the movie.

She got casted in a horror-comedy series that is broadcasted by Fox named as Scream Queens in the year 2015, in the month of February. Her character in the series is a rich girl who is disaffected and named as Chanel #3; she wears an earmuff silently playing homage to the Fisher’s trademark, the iconic “cinnamon buns” from the original star wars movies which was released in late nineties.

In the year 2015, in the month of December, a magazine named Variety reported that Lourd had silently joined the cast of American biographical crime-drama movie named, Billionaire Boys Club alongside the co-star of the Scream Queens, Emma Roberts. She got casted in the movie as Rosanna, who is the love interest of Kyle Biltmore in the movie. The role of Kyle Biltmore is played by Jeremy Irvine.

She has a short and sweet of height 5 feet and 1 inches and she is currently 23 years of age. Some of her quoted lines from varieties of events as follows. She is known to be dating Ryan Murphy who actually wrote the character of Chanel #3 for her.

She does not own a twitter but she has an instagram account. She used to cry when she was in middle school because the boys in the middle school used to tell her that her mother was hot. She also is good friends with Emma Roberts and Emma's mother once had said that they used to play together when they were little. 



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