William Albert Ackman is a popular and successful hedge fund manager who was born in the year 1966, 11th May which makes his age 50 years at present. He is known as the one of the founding members and the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management which is a hedge fund management company.

He is considered as a contrarian investor but he considers himself as an activist investor. His bio includes the following details.

He was raised in the city of Chappaqua situated in New York. His father is chairman of a famous real estate firm. He from a Jewish descent.

In the year 1988, he received bachelors of Arts degree from Harvard college and he did a thesis on “Scaling the Ivy Wall” which was basically an account of a Jew and Asian Americans and their experience during in Harvard Admissions”. He received an MBA in the year 1992 from Harvard Business School.

He is a philanthropist as well. He has donated funds to charities such as Centre for Jewish History for the sake of preserving genealogy of Jews, In a press meet, he said that he wanted the children to know their ancestors as well which would result in a greater connection to the family and ancestry. He made the donation of about 6.8 million dollars along with Joseph Steinberg who is the president of Leucadia National.

In the year 1992, he opened up an investment firm named Gotham Partners along with his fellow David P. Berkowitz, both of them passed out from Harvard the same year. This investment company used to make an investment in small companies.

In the year 1995, he partnered with insurance and real estate firm to bid a takeover for Rockefeller Centre though they did not have any intention of winning the deal. Later the high profile nature of the bid resulted in the investor to flock to the Gotham Partners which resulted in growing the assets to $500 million at the end of the year 1998.

In the year 2002, he began to wind up Gotham Partners. Later in the year 2016, in the month of February, he endorsed Michael Bloomberg as a candidate to fight for the presidential election in the United States of America.

About his personal life, he has been married to Ann Herskovitz, who is his wife at present and who also is a graduate of Harvard University but is a Landscape Architect in the year 1994, 10th July.

She is also a board member of Human Rights Watch and she has been serving the board of Friends of the High Line for some time now which is a charity that transformed a track on a railroad line in the New York City into a public Park. Together, they are blessed with three children.

According to the Forbes Magazine, he has an estimated net worth of 2.6 billion U.S. Dollars. His portfolio at different years can be achieved in his website and other web pages. He possesses a phenomenal quality as a business person; his exact height is unknown but he looks fairly tall. 



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