Benton Blount who is a country singer as well as a guitarist has now came into the lime light after making his appearance in the show called America’s Got Talent in its 10th season. He was grown up in the mountains of the North. He never picked up a guitar or microphone, much less played a tune.

When he was 18 years old, his music pastor snuck a microphone up to his mouth and to his as well as everyone’s amazement, beautiful voice was pouring out. After that, his passion for singing as well as writing songs was sparkled.

According to the, Blount has been a lead singer for a group known as 7-miles since the year 1997. Now, over ten years later, he has made his career out of the performing as well as writing music.

 He then decided that it was a time to take his career to the new level and he made his move to Nashville. He has now already has ton of tour dates that is set up for the Fall starting on 4th September of the year 2015.

Apart from the music, Benton is totally a family man. He has already got married to his girlfriend. In addition to that, he also has one child, a son named Jaxon with his wife. He has also signed a record deal with the Golden Music located in Greenville, South Carolina.

He had stated himself that while he was in his junior school, he was a little trouble maker. He also added that he would sleep through his independent study classes. He has now reached at the age of 35. As he has maintained to keep his personal life secret, there is no any more details found about his bio and height. Besides that, he can also be connected via Instagram and Twitter account.


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