You might remember the hit song If I Were a Boy that was circulating around the internet for quite some time. Well, you thought it was an original song by Beyonce', right? WRONG! This song was actually written by BC Jean, about whom we have a short bio compiled below.

Known popularly by her stage name BC Jean, Brittany Jean Carlson is an American entertainment celebrity as a singer/songwriter and actress. She was born on 22nd April 1987 in San Diego, California, and is 29 years of age. Born in Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California to John Carlson (a pianist and trumpeter) and Lori Carlson (a talent manager), Jean could have been inspired to take up music since she comes from a family that is into music and entertainment.

In her childhood, she lived in three places: Ramona, Carmel Valley, and Valley Center. By 14 years of age, Jean was already a good piano player who had a knack for turning the poems taught at school into lyrics for songs. Her inspirations were musicians she heard on the radio as well as those on her parent's collection, like Rod Stewart, Queen, and Aerosmith. At her high school, Jean joined a cover band and by the time she was 15 years old, she had her 1st stage performance experience in Las Vegas' Sahara Casino.

She has been active since 2005 and mostly performs under the genres of pop-rock, soul, dance-pop, Euro-pop. This goes on to show how versatile she is, and how she doesn't stick to a single genre. She has released 4 singles as of now: Just a Guy (2010), I'll Survive You (2011), Anyone (2011), and Stand Up (2011).

She has also 3 featured songs to her credit: Not My Revolution with Itch (2014), So Alone with tyDi (2014), Die Without You with tyDi (2014), and Happy Holidaze with Astro Safari USA (2014). All these songs are wonderful in their own rights, and whether or not they have been successful hardly matters considering that her output as an artist shows maturity and fulfillment.

Jean comes from a family musical background since her grandparents from both her mother's and father's side were musicians. As stated earlier, her father was a pianist and trumpeter, while her grandfather had performed along with Perry Como. Not to leave out her grandparents who had performed with Fred Waring. It is very interesting that her grandparents were signed to RCA Records, the same recording label to which Jean was also signed after the release of her debut album.

Her career is closely being watched over by fans and recording companies alike, and the CEO of Sony Music even went on to say that the company was happy to have a partner for new talents like BC Jean. However, as RCA decided in 2011 to disband a couple of the labels under them, Jean was to move into RCA Records and release all future materials.

Her boyfriend since 2012 is Mark Ballas, a professional dancer appearing on the show Dancing with the Stars. The couple finally got engaged on 25th November 2015. She currently lives in Los Angeles. We have no idea about her net worth and height. She has over 39 thousand followers on Instagram and over 16 thousand followers on Twitter. Follow her on those sites for further updates.



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