Bayan Zehlif is a Muslim student in California who was incorrectly labeled as Isis Phillips in her high school yearbook. She is of Palestinian descent and she wears a hijab. The officials of the school said that there was an 11th grader at a high school named Isis Phillips. She was transferred to a different school in the district. Zehlif had written on her Facebook page that she is extremely saddened, hurt, disgusted as well as embarrassed that Los Osos High School Yearbook was able to get away with this. She also told that the school reached out to her and had the audacity to say that it was a typo.

CAIR-LA issued the statement on Sunday saying that its attorneys are investigating. The Organization told that Zehlif, as well as her family members, have suffered from a great deal of emotional and psychological distress due to the incident and it is unlikely that student will return to the school until the problem is resolved appropriately. Some students at the Los Osos High School have already started to take the matters into their own hand using markers to block out the Isis Phillips and write the name of Bayan.

The Osos High School Yearbook Committee had already posted an apology on the social media saying that they are extremely sorry for what occurred in Yearbook. The principal of the school Susan Petrocelli told to the Islamic Monthly that she would never say it was a typo or a mistake. Susan also told to Zehlif’s family that this matter to be thoroughly investigated first. As Zehlif has been maintaining to keep her private life secret, there is no other news found about her. It is also not known anything about her age. But as she is active on her Twitter and Instagram account, she can be followed on it for more information regarding her biography and other activities. 

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