Helen Ruth Van Winkie who is better known by her stage name Baddie Winkie or Baddie Winkel is a famous American Internet personality who was born in the year 1928, in the month of July which was the time of great depression which everyone remembers and that which makes her age 87 years at present.

She is famous across the globe because of her trolls and memes. She also is characterized by wearing strange clothes and has been promoting the legalization of medical marijuana as well as her innuendo. She has millions of followers in her social media where she frequently posts photos and videos of herself.

Most of those photos are posted with special prints of something with a very little clothing. More of her bio and her over-night success story are given below.

She has been able to gather a huge fan following as she initially got help from her great-granddaughter whose name is Kennedy Lewis to upload a photo on her twitter account where she was wearing her great granddaughter's clothes.

Astonishingly, in no time she was being followed by Rihanna, the singer and over the course of time she has been able to create a huge pool of fans and well-wishers. In the year 2015, she reached a million followers in her Instagram account.

She currently lives in the city of Knoxville which is situated at Tennessee. She also has appeared on The Today show. In the year 2015, a group named Grit Creative Group used her face as the face of their website launch where she was dressed as the Legendary Kurt Cobain, Kate Moss, and other celebrities.

At present, she has over 1.8 million followers which seem to be aiming for 2 million and over 220,000 followers in her twitter account. She also has appeared in the music video by LunchMoney Lewis and the title of the song is “Ain’t Too Cool” the video is also available at youtube.com.

Regarding her personal life, she was married to Earl Van Winkle, her husband and the couple has a son whose name is David. She is also associated with ALS ice bucket challenge which started in the year 2014 and she nominated Beyonce for the challenge. She has reached many heights of success overnight, she was invited to the VMA’s by Miley Cyrus personally.

She frequently keeps updating her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account because these are the only things that have been able to keep her idea alive. She has posted 200 updates in her twitter account till date. She is 5 feet and 4 inches in height. She is the living example that if you have the will to do something age does not actually matter and maturity does not come with age.

She has earned a lot of followers in Hollywood and music industry including Drake, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and so on. She said in an interview that she does not give a damn what another opine of her, in her own words, she gives zero damn about opinions and criticisms, she likes to live the life the way she is. 



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