August Flentje is an Ivy League Lawyer, as well as the son of a professor who is from the family with the members who have protested the ban and he has been involved in the controversial case before such as the previous defense of traditional marriage of the government. As he has maintained to keep his personal profile low, his date of birth and age is not known. Besides, he has already got married.

Now, let us find some more details related to the bio of Flentje that has been obtained from different sources. He is the native of United States of America. His father is the professor whereas his mother is the lawyer. His father named Edward Flentje is currently a professor who teaches at the Wichita State University. According to the LinkedIn bio of him, he went to study at the Georgetown University Law School from where he got graduated. He has spent his career working for The Department of Justice.

According to the Bloomberg, August Flentje has also worked as a lawyer for Department of Justice for nineteen years. He was also involved for DOJ in defending the Federal Defense of Marriage Act. A group known as Pacific Justice Institute included his named though on the list alleging that justice department attorneys were working to sabotage the government case or weren’t defending its side vigorously enough.

Flentje’s father told The Wichita Eagle Newspaper that he would out his personal beliefs aside for arguing the immigration ban case. It has also been reported by The Wichita Eagle newspaper that he is a former Boy Scout who has worked for both the former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole and the Sen Nancy Kassebaum. 


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