Annette Roque is a former model who is the wife of Matt Lauer, an American journalist. Annette Roque is a Dutch and originally from Netherlands. She quit her modeling career right after she got married. Annette is now living a happy married life with husband Matt since 1998.



Personal Life

Annette Roque was born in December 1966 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She is the daughter of Johanna Struijk.

Annette is the second wife of Matt Lauer. They wedding year is in 1998 and now they have three children Romy Lauer, Jack Matthew Lauer, and Thijs Lauer. This family once was in the verse of getting separated.

Around 2006, Annette after being inhumanly treated by her husband Matt. The divorce case was taken back within some weeks. During the time she was pregnant with her third child. It was said that the main accusation she made was inhumane and cruel treatment by her husband.

Later as this problem was completely solved and they started a happy life again, Matt bought a house in North Haven, New York. The mansion, Strongheart Manor, was bought for 36.5 million dollars from Richard Gere.


Professional Life

Annette Roque is a famous former model. Before she quit her modeling career she was a sensational model. She was highly successful during the late 80s and early 90s. She made several appearances on magazines including J. Crew Catalogs and Victoria's Secret.

Later she left her modeling career as she got married to Matt Lauer. She gave her full time to make her family happy.


Net Worth and Salary

Annette Roque has been a greatly successful model during her time. She has done several photo shoots and also appeared in popular magazines. Annette has left her prolific modeling career after she got married. If she might have continued her career she might have a high amount of salary and net worth.

However, now as Annette has almost completely broken from her modeling life her actual net worth cannot be known. She does not have a wiki account which we hope to get it soon. 




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