Anne Swaney was a producer of the ABC who has been murdered while she was vacationing in Belize. She was the executive producer of online operations. According to the ABC, she arrived to the Nabatunich Resort, Benque Viejo located in Belize on last Saturday. She then got disappeared on Thursday after doing the yoga by Mopan River. She was allegedly sexually assaulted before she was killed. After that, her half-naked corpse was found on Friday floating on the river. Her yoga mat as well as another items were found by the tour guide near the river but he did not see Anne and then the guide alerted the authorities.

Later, the police dogs were set on the trial but they did not found their body until 15th January in morning. The Benque Viejo Police Superintendent Daniel Arzu has stated that the dead body of Anne was found floating face down wearing nothing but only a bra. Her body has gone through the autospy and was it was unable to find out of there was any kind of sexual trauma to her body. But they were able to determine cause of her death which was ruled to be the manual strangulation, oxygen deprivation as well as blunt trauma to head and neck.

Beautiful Anne was at the age of 39 when she died. She was the executive producer of the online operations at the ABC7 Chicago and her co-workers are completely heart broken by loss of their friend. The president of the ABC7 John H. Idler said that Anne was a trailblazer in digital news and she was one of their first website employees. She also used to help them evolve their business as well as their newsroom. She was very kind person who always had a smile on her face as well as a positive attitude. Besides that, she was also active in Twitter and Instagram, and more news about her bio and family members can be obtained from different sites. 

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